Geelong growth in recent years has resulted in a critical shortage of land available for urban development – about only eighteen months supply of residential lots exist…

The Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area (ACUGA) offers the lifeline, for the immediate demand for expansion land for greater Geelong. The ACUGA has been recognized and planned by the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG), together with associated departments and organizations, as the new growth area of Geelong.

The Minister included the ACUGA in the urban growth zone with the next step being the need for the preparation and approval of precinct structure plans.

The ACUGA has been identified with seven precincts, one of which is the Armstrong Creek East Precinct (ACEP) of about 800 hectares.

Armstrong Creek Development Corporation is the key developer of ACEP and has been instrumental, together with the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) and Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD), in the preparation of the ACEP Precinct Structure Plan (PSP).

ACEPSP – Future Urban Structure Plan
Collie had a key role in the ACEPSP, working closely with the Corporation, CoGG, DPCD and other key consultants. This work commenced in 2008 and milestones included the exhibition / advisory committee review (which was completed in March 2010) and its approval in June 2010.

Key characteristics planned for ACEP include:

  • about 7000 housing lots;
  • a neighbourhood activity centre of about 10,000 square metres floor space;
  • a local activity centre (1000 square metres);
  • 200 hectares of public open space;
  • 73 hectares of community facility land;
  • 16 hectares of habitat conservation area;
  • a retained and enhanced Armstrong Creek public open space corridor;
  • a full third pipe recycled water reticulation system.

A significant contribution to the success of the project has been the genuine, open and constructive team work between the key parties and especially CoGG, DPCD and the Corporation and its team.

The next step that is well underway is the preparation and exhibition of a related development contributions plan (DCP) for ACEP.

The work on the ACEPSP now being completed, the Corporation is concentrating on its Section A subdivision application, which will include about the first 500 lots in ACEP off Barwon Heads Road north of Lake Road.