On 21 July 2011 the Minister for Planning approved an amended version of the ‘Coburg Hill Development Plan’ (DP).

The main feature of the amended DP is a revised overall street layout plan, which features an improved relationship and interface between the site and Edgars Creek and facilitates a more efficient residential lot layout with improved solar orientation opportunities. The amended DP also includes a full new traffic impact assessment, an updated landscape plan and various consequential changes and other updates.

The approval of the amended DP is an important and significant planning milestone for the Coburg Hill project. In particular, the approved DP provides a formal and detailed framework for the future redevelopment of the site, including with regard to the consideration and determination of current and future planning permit applications. Importantly for the owner and developer of the site, Satterley Property Group, the approval provides comfort and improved certainty in relation to the future programming and planning for the project.

Coburg Hill is a 20 hectares ‘brownfield’ site on Elizabeth Street, Coburg. The site was formerly owned by Kodak and was operated as part of the factory and headquarters for the Kodak Australasian operations until 2004. Collie has been working closely with Satterley Property Group to facilitate the redevelopment of the land for residential and commercial land uses. For more information about Coburg Hill please contact Aran Barker awb@colliepl.com.au