Since 2004 Collie has been providing town planning services to the Goodman Group in relation to the development of an approximate 58 hectares of land adjacent to the Hume Highway and Craigieburn By-pass in Craigieburn.

When Collie were first approached, the land was an unused rural property, separated into three parts by Amaroo Road and the then recently completed Craigieburn By-pass.  It was predominantly open grass fields although a number of mature river red gums were scattered across it.  The strategically located land was within the Urban Growth Boundary but was still zoned for rural purposes.  The western-most parcel benefitted from access to Hume Highway, while the other two parcels had easy access both north and south along the Craigieburn – via Amaroo Road, with the south-bound on ramp located immediately adjacent to the subject land.

Collie initially provided town planning services on due diligence matters with the purchase of the land and has provided continuing town planning services associated planning approvals to develop the land for the purposes of a business park.  The key tasks that Collie has performed include:

  • an initial site feasibility assessment, including planning advice regarding existing vegetation and potential fauna on the subject land and the preferred approach to rezoning the land to allow for redevelopment;
  • continued town planning advice on a range of matters and preferred planning strategy for the subject land following purchase by the client;
  • preparation of a planning scheme amendment to rezone the land and apply various overlays to facilitate redevelopment of part of it and also the creation of a large conservation reserve to protect valued native vegetation and fauna habitat;
  • extensive liaison with the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), Department of Planning and Community Development and Hume City Council;
  • preparation of a development plan to inform the future development of the land (with the development plan having been approved by Council);
  • planning permit applications to subdivide the land and to remove some vegetation.

Following gazettal of the planning scheme amendment and approval of the development plan, the western-most parcel (between Hume Highway and the Craigieburn By-pass) was sold and has been developed by others with a Bunnings Warehouse.

Most recently, Collie has facilitated and prepared a planning permit application to subdivide the main parcel of land, east of the Craigieburn By-pass.  This included subdivision into lots ranging from approximately 9,000 square metres to 18,000 square metres.  This necessitated amendments to a separate planning permit application to remove native vegetation and also involved discussions with DSE to confirm the extent of native vegetation removal on the land.

In addition, the application involved discussions with VicRoads and Council regarding the nature of Amaroo Road through the subject land, following the extension of the UGB north of the land following approval of the development plan.  These discussions included resolution of the ultimate width of Amaroo Road and the design of associated intersections to cater for future growth anticipated in the precinct north of the subject land.

Collie is pleased that all planning permits are now in place to allow for the subdivision of the land, including removal of associated native vegetation and realignment of Amaroo Road.  We look forward to seeing further work completed on the subject land as ultimately its development will generate employment including providing opportunities for people to work within their local area.

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