Yarra City Council endorsed at a Council meeting held on Tuesday 20February a new bike lane plan for Wellington Street in Collingwood  The new ‘Copenhagen style’ bike lane will extend along Wellington Street between Victoria Parade and Johnston Street.

The bike lane plan narrowly passed through Council with four votes both for and against the proposal.  Yarra Mayor, Jacqui Fristacky voted for the proposal, enabling the plan to be adopted.

The bike lane will result in the loss of approximately 117 car parking spaces on Wellington Street, with parking being retained on the eastern side of the street.  Local businesses located on Wellington Street are fearful that the new bike lane will reduce customer numbers.

Yarra is seeking to double the rate of residents who travel to work by bicycle from 6.4 per cent to 15 per cent as part of its broader Bicycle Strategy.  The new bike lane for Wellington Street is intended to contribute to improved, safer infrastructure for cyclists.

Artists impression of the Wellington Street bike lane

Here are some pictures of the bike lanes in Copenhagen.