The State Government released its reformed zones on 5 March 2013.  The following week the Department of Planning and Community Development advised Planning Matters subscribers that there had been a publishing error with the zones released on this date.  The errors have been corrected, and the final versions of the zones are now available on the Department website.

The changes made to the reformed zones relate only to the General Residential and Neighbourhood Residential Zone.  No changes have been made to the content of the Residential Growth Zone.

Changes to the General Residential Zone include some alterations to the condition requirements for two (food and drink premises and take away food premises) of the Section 2 uses.  In addition, ‘office’ (with the exception of medical centre) has moved to a Section 3 use (this was previously a permit required use) and is prohibited in the General Residential Zone.  Changes to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone include an additional condition requirement for medical centres and the removal of a number of conditions associated with food and drink premises.

The final version of the reformed zones can be found at:


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