If you haven’t already seen the City of Glen Eira is the first municipality to roll out the new residential zones.  Following announcements made by the Minister for Planning this week.

The new zones in Glen Eira are expected to be gazetted on the 23 August 2013.  For further details please refer City of Glen Eira website

and the Department of Planning and Community Development website

The implications of this roll-out in Glen Eira (and further afield) are likely to be profound in the development of Melbourne – but we now have to wait and see.

In addition, the recent updates to the bushfire prone areas have also been gazetted.

Please feel free to contact Collie to discuss the implications this might have on any land you may own or are looking to purchase.

Map sourced from City of Glen Eira website.

Map sourced from City of Glen Eira website.