The City of Moreland released a draft residential zoning map for public comment on 2 September.  The map identifies areas where Moreland will seek to apply the three new residential zones (the General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone and the Neighbourhood Residential Zone) across the Municipality.

The three residential zones have generally been applied as follows:

·                         the Residential Growth Zone would apply to areas within 400 metres of a Neighbourhood Activity Centre or train station in Zone 1 and residential areas within the Brunswick and Glenroy Activity Centres;

·                         the General Residential Zone would apply to most areas within 400 to 800 metres of a Neighbourhood Activity Centre or train station in Zone 1; 

·                         the Neighbourhood Residential Zone would apply to areas covered by a Heritage Overlay, Environmental Significance Overlay or areas beyond 800 metres from shops and services. 

Under this approach, substantial areas of Moreland would be zoned Neighbourhood Residential, the most restrictive of the three zones.  While the current methodology does encourage higher density around train stations, it does not take into account tram lines or train stations outside Zone 1.  This would result in some residential areas adjacent to tram lines being limited to low scale development with a maximum of two dwellings on a lot. 

Submissions will be received until 25 October 2013.  Further detail regarding the Moreland proposal can be found at:


ZoningMap - moreland