Plan Melbourne is the latest blueprint for the future development of the key urban area in Victoria over the next 37 years (to 2050).

We congratulate all those involved for the work behind it and the visions documented, that will no doubt influence in direct / indirect ways better decision-making about the future of Melbourne.

Like Tim Colebatch (The Age, 15 October 2013, page 29) however, we can’t have concerns about implementation and help thinking of that line in the film: Show Me The Money.

Visionary plans are just that and perhaps (as noted above) ‘influencers’ rather than being guarantees of action in set timelines.  Implementation is much more than identifying actions and who is responsible for them.  The at least partial failure of all visionary plans is the lack of the will to follow through and especially the money to implement.  We would love to see more shorter term implementation funding in addition to 50 years of vision.