A planning permit was recently issued by the Darebin City Council for the development of five townhouses in Albert Street, Preston.

Collie was engaged by Woodlands Preston Pty Ltd to provide town planning services and manage the planning permit application process.


The site is located on a main road in Preston, approximately 400 metres from the Northland Shopping Centre and is adjacent to a large open space reserve.  The site was therefore an ideal location for a medium density housing development.

The five townhouses include two, double-storey dwellings and three, three-storey dwellings containing either two or three bedrooms.  The third storey of the building will be recessed with both the front and rear townhouses being double-storey.


Collie worked with the client and its designer, to develop a proposal that would gain the support of Council.  The extent of the third level and the ability to provide areas for meaningful landscaping were important considerations in the design of the development.

The approved development is similar to other developments recently approved or constructed in the vicinity of Northland Shopping Centre.  We expect that the surrounding area will continue to change as Council prepares the Northland Structure Plan which will guide development of the Northland Activities Area over the next 20 years.