The reformed residential zones are now in full force throughout Victoria.  Earlier this week, all previously remaining Residential 1, 2 and 3 zoned land was transitioned to the new General Residential Zone.

It seems however, that Councils have been feeling the consequences of the new zones for a number of weeks, with abnormally high numbers of planning permit applications having been submitted in the lead up period to the new zones taking effect.

Collie is aware of one particular Council that received 200 planning permit applications in May and a further 276 applications in June compared to a long term average of around 120 per month.  We have heard also about one person who arrived at the Council planning counter at 4.55pm on 30 June and then proceeded to lodge seven planning permit applications (talk about cutting it fine!).

Unfortunately, all of this means that Council responsiveness and approval times are likely to suffer over the coming months as officers struggle with this peak (artificial) additional workload.

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