Amendment C288 to the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme was gazetted on 16 October 2014.  This amendment rezones the 72.4-hectare Adventure Park Geelong site from Farming Zone to Comprehensive Development Zone with an accompanying site specific schedule and an incorporated comprehensive development plan.

The rezoning of the site better reflects the existing use of the land and will facilitate the efficient development of Adventure Park into the future.  A series of masterplans and traffic management plans will be developed for most precincts before planning permits can be issued.


A 10-metre wide treed buffer will surround the entire Adventure Park site to provide a visual break to adjoining farming properties.  In addition, the owners of Adventure Park have agreed to construct security fencing between adjoining properties.

Adventure Park is a significant tourist facility in Victoria that attracts approximately 240,000 visitors each half year season.  As the largest theme park in Victoria, Adventure Park is a major contributor to the Geelong economy.  Adventure Park already has plans to expand with new major rides and other complementary tourist facilities.


Collie congratulates Adventure Park Geelong on this achievement and looks forward to the further development of the water-based theme park over the coming years.

The 2014 / 2015 Adventure Park season commences at the end of this month.  Refer to the website below for further information.


Enquiries to Tessa Bond on 03 8698 9300 or txb@colliepl.com.au

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