I am a Melbournian and over the long weekend I read in the newspaper that in the 1980s the Melbourne CBD only had two sidewalk cafes; now there are over 500 – and it got me thinking how lucky I am to live in Melbourne and be spoilt with such a variety of vibrant cafes.

The popularity of our café culture could not be evidenced more than on last weekend when trying to get a table for breakfast with friends outside in the café-lined Degraves Street.  All tables were full.

The cramming in of tables next to one another in Degraves and other City lane ways as well as cafes tending to offer shared tables creates a great bustling atmosphere that encourages social interaction making you feel a part of the wider community.


Melbournians love of coffee would have to be one of the main drivers behind the influx of good quality cafes in the CBD and the inner suburbs of Melbourne.  For me, having a coffee at around $3.50 in this sort of atmosphere is a more enjoyable experience (with a quality coffee) than making one at home.

The popularity of Melbournes café culture has led to a number of residential projects Collie has recently assisted on including a café.  In particular, it is increasingly common for apartment developments to provide a café at street level with the new residents above directly contributing to making the café a viable commercial space.

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