Next Saturday, Victorians votes on their next State government so we’ve done a very quick review of the Liberal, ALP and Greens campaign websites as they refer to town planning – we could not find much under the topic.

Unlike in past elections, town planning has been a relatively silent issue this time around with the majority of attention being focused on large infrastructure projects and the creation of jobs.

Arguably the Liberal Party has outlined its approach to town planning over the last term with development approvals, zone reforms and Plan Melbourne.  The absence of further initiatives on town planning may be explained by this activity.

The ALP has also remained largely silent on town planning matters.  A quick review of its campaign website highlights only one key town planning initiative – to make changes to allow VCAT to consider the ‘weight’ of public opinion.

The Greens have one main town planning initiative, being the development of an Open Space Strategy for Melbourne and wants the planning system to ensure the need for community health and wellbeing is a central consideration in developments.

Of course, there are numerous policies of each party that have a bearing on City development and life that are included under headings other than ‘town planning’ per se.

Happy voting!