The ‘tiny house’ movement is gaining momentum in Australia as house prices continue to rise and people look towards alternative and simplistic housing options.  A new documentary film titled, ‘Small is Beautiful’ follows four people who are at various stages of building their own small homes.  The documentary explores what it is like to construct and then live in a tiny home.  Many tiny home builders have become very inventive in the way that they have been able to maximise space and find multiple uses for single objects.


The rise of tiny houses began when they were used for crisis accommodation following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Interest has grown worldwide with people embarking on their own home building projects.

A tiny house is defined as being less than 9.3 square metres and at an average cost of $28,000 they are significantly cheaper than the median price of a home in Melbourne.  Living costs also reduce substantially when living in a confined space.

Tiny house 2

Tiny houses do not feature many of the amenities that most people in the developed world now take for granted.  Dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and air-conditioners are just some of the appliances that tiny home owners live without.  Personal possessions must also be minimal as storage spaces are quite limited.

The film, produced by Chris Ramen and directed by Jeremy Beasley is being released worldwide in March and April this year.  The film opens in Melbourne on 26 March with screenings until 29 March.  Further information regarding the film, including screenings dates and locations can be found by following the link below.



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