Last week the State Government announced the release of the Planning and Environment Regulations 2015.  The new regulations, made by the Governor in Council, came into operation on 16 May 2015.

The review of the regulations was required by a sunset clause in the previous regulations which were made in 2005.  The purpose of the clause is to ensure the regulations are subject to regular review.

planning regs

Changes to the regulations include:

  • an update to the notice requirements for amendments under section 19 to increase clarity and be more prescriptive about what information must be included when giving notice;
  • the addition of two new prescribed classes of amendment that can be prepared by the Minister for Planning without giving notice, which include amending a planning scheme or Victorian Planning Provision to:
    • insert or update a heading;
    • to update a reference to a clause;
  • the requirement to include telephone numbers in applications for permits and amendments to permits;
  • insertion of regulations that specify where information to be included in decisions and permits can be found;
  • updating of all forms and addition of three new forms;
  • general wording updates to improve ease of reading.