Collie is working on a number of planning permit applications for developments in the Diamond Creek Northern Growth Area.  Diamond Creek is located approximately 30 kilometres northeast of the Melbourne central business district in the Shire of Nillumbik.

IMG_0013The area, which was previously grazing land and bushland, has been identified for residential development under the Nillumbik Planning Scheme and will make a significant contribution to the demand for additional housing in the Municipality.  Considerable development in the growth area has already occurred, particularly on the west side of Broad Gully Road where a variety of one and two-storey dwellings have been constructed, many of which benefit from excellent views over the township and surrounding rural area.

A significant part of the Northern Growth Area is covered by an Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) which triggers planning permit requirements for the construction of dwellings and fences.  Collie is involved in preparing and lodging planning permit applications for the development of individual lots in Diamond Creek Area B (the part of the growth area east of Broad Gully Road).


As part of the response to the objectives of the ESO, Collie has been preparing landscape plans for dwelling applications on land affected by this overlay.  The landscaping plans predominantly feature indigenous and native plant varieties that suit the climatic conditions of the area and provide habitat for local fauna.

Building materials and colour selection are also an important aspect of the development with Council preferring finishes that are muted in tone and non-reflective so as not to detract from the landscape.  The absence of front fencing and landscaped front yards with canopy vegetation enhances the bush setting of the new neighbourhood.

Diamond Creek aerialCollie is also involved in other planning permit applications in Diamond Creek, including a subdivision application within the Northern Growth Area.  The proposed subdivision includes a range of lots that vary in size from 400 square metres to 2,250 square metres.  This development is located in the southern part of the growth area and benefits from easy access to the commercial area of the town and Diamond Creek railway station.

We look forward to continuing our work in Diamond Creek and seeing this growth area evolve as development continues.

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