Collie had previously assisted Coogee Energy in obtaining a planning permit for a pilot titanium manufacturing plant in Laverton North.  With the operation of the pilot plant a success, Collie was then involved in a planning permit application for a full scale plant.  A planning permit has recently been issued for the development and use of a full scale plant in Fitzgerald Road, Laverton North.

The titanium manufacturing plant will be built behind an existing commercial methanol plant, also operated by Coogee Energy, on an 8 hectares site (refer yellow boundary in image below) in the core of an industrial precinct in Laverton North.


The development will comprise: 3,084 square metres of plant area located within two process buildings; a 200 square metres amenities building; extension of existing internal roads; 28 car parking spaces; and loading and unloading facilities.

In order to facilitate the development, approval for the removal of 2.58 hectares of state significant native grassland was required.  The approval for this removal was complicated by a Section 173 Agreement protecting and requiring ongoing management of the grassland and further complicated by the native vegetation provisions in the Wyndham Planning Scheme (the Scheme) changing after an off-set site had been secured.

In addition to preparing the planning permit application, Collie assisted in addressing the native vegetation issues on-site including in negotiations with Wyndham City Council (Council) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).  Council and DELWP were supportive of the vegetation removal on the basis that offsetting the native vegetation in a larger conservation reserve off-site would result in a better environmental outcome than maintaining the native vegetation at the rear of a site used for industrial purposes.

Collie also assisted in applying for the removal of the Section 173 Agreement relating to the native grassland and preparing Planning Scheme Amendment documentation including an incorporated document to allow the native vegetation offsets to be secured outside the Catchment Management Area boundary.

Coogee Energy has developed the direct powder titanium manufacturing process for the plant in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) at its Clayton laboratories.  The plant will be the first of its kind in the world, will be operational 24 hours a day seven days a week and will produce approximately 100 tonnes of titanium powder per annum.

Untitled-2Image of existing methanol plant obtained from Coogee website

The titanium powder produced from the plant will be used in the construction of:

  • lightweight components in cars;
  • hip and knee replacements parts;
  • steam turbines in power plants, nuclear plants and petrochemical plants;
  • and others uses requiring a material that is strong but light weight.

Collie looks forward to the completion of this innovative project and the commercial operation of the plant commencing.

Enquiries to James Million on 03 8698 9300 or jjm@colliepl.com.au