Collie is currently assisting Bellbird Estate Holdings Pty Ltd in obtaining planning permits for dwellings on individual lots within Bellbird Ridge Estate in Diamond Creek.

A significant part of the Bellbird Ridge Estate is covered by an Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) triggering planning permit requirements for building and works.

The Collie role on the project is to prepare and manage the planning permit application process to facilitate the issue of planning permits for buildings and works (including excavation and filling) associated with the construction of single and double storeys dwellings and fencing.

In addition, Collie has been preparing landscape plans for dwelling applications in response to the topography of the land.

The undulating landscape of Bellbird Ridge Estate has required extensive earthworks and the construction of retaining walls and batters to site the dwellings and allow for recreational areas on the properties.

We look forward to continuing our work in Diamond Creek and seeing this growth area evolve as development continues.

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bellbird2 LP2 landscape plan lot 102.indd