Collie has assisted Tucketts Road Holdings Pty Ltd and Mt Penryn Investments Pty Ltd in obtaining a planning permit for the subdivision and construction of dwellings at 2 Stern Way, New Gisborne.  This project forms one phase (Stage 6) of a multi-staged project in New Gisborne.  The site has been earmarked in the approved development plan for New Gisborne as part of a medium density area.

The planning permit issued will allow for the subdivision of the subject site into 65 lots with the average lot size of approximately 252 square metres.  Of the 65 lots, 45 are less than 300 square metres in area with the remaining 20 being greater than 300 square metre lots.

The simple and legible subdivision layout will facilitate a one and two-storey, compact urban form that is integrated with the existing residential development on Stern Way.

The Collie involvement on the project ranged from town planning advice on the subdivision of the site to ultimately preparing and managing the planning permit application process through to the issuing of a planning permit.  Although Council refused the issue of a planning permit, and an application for review was submitted to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), Collie was able to work closely with Council and avoid the need for a hearing.  Through this process, a well-resolved and appropriate proposal was achieved addressing the grounds for refusal and other issues raised by concerned parties.

The proposal represents an innovative and site responsive design that will provide high quality housing types in the New Gisborne area.

Collie has an ongoing involvement in New Gisborne and we look forward to seeing this area evolve as development continues.

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