Back in February 2016 Collie assisted with obtaining a planning permit for a large medical centre in Highlands, Craigieburn.

med-centre-pic1Collie was then engaged by the future operator of the medical centre, Primary Health Care, to assist with obtaining town planning approval for modifi cations to the medical centre to suit the needs of Primary Health Care.

The client was very pleased when an amended planning permit was issued (2 September) along with endorsed plans giving approval for an increase in the number of practitioners from 25 to 29, a pharmacy, modifications to the building and an increase in the number of car parking spaces.  The modifications to the building included an increase in the floor area.


Once complete, the medical centre under the operation of Primary Health Care will include general practitioners and specialists that provide dental, radiology, physiotherapy and pathology services.

A key aspect of the modifications sought was gaining approval for the addition of the pharmacy, an essential ingredient in the Primary Health Care service model.


The Collie role on the project involved:

  • reviewing the proposed modifications to the medical centre and advising on the best approach for obtaining planning approval;
  • reviewing the original planning permit to advise on matters that were required to be amended as part of the proposal;
  • reviewing draft architectural plans and suggesting changes to improve the likelihood of Council support;
  • advising on the supporting material needed to be amended to accompany the application;
  • attending a meeting with Council;
  • preparing a detailed town planning report in support of the changes to the medical centre;
  • attending several meetings with the project team.

We look forward to the completion of this project and the commencement of health services, which are much needed to support the growing population in Craigieburn and the surrounding area.

Enquires to Michael Collie (mjsc@colliepl.com.au) or James Million (jjm@colliepl.com.au)