Yesterday, Planning Minister Richard Wynne gazetted the Ministerial Direction on the Preparation and Content of Infrastructure Contributions Plans and introduced the Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) Guidelines.  The ICP Guidelines establishes a new development levy system applying to greenfield growth areas and strategic development areas as defined in the Ministerial Direction.

The new system is based on standard levies that are applied to different development settings and land uses and will help fund essential works and services for new and growing communities.

The system has been designed to ensure:

  • a more consistent approach to the application of infrastructure levies;
  • a reduced risk of escalating infrastructure charges;
  • a simpler and faster process for preparing and approving infrastructure contribution plans.

We at Collie will be interested to read through the new ICP Guidelines and see the future affect the new ICP system will have on metropolitan greenfield growth areas.

For more information on the new ICP system, please see the link below.