The Victorian State Government recently gazetted changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions, which were introduced through Amendment VC142.

The Amendment VC142 changes were identified as part of the Smart Planning Rules and Policy Program, which saw consultation feedback provided by relevant Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal decisions, Planning Panels Victoria recommendations, government inquiries, industry reviews, professional inputs and from other sources.  The changes are aimed at making the Victorian Planning Provisions more efficient, accessible and transparent.

Some of the most note-worthy changes are as follows.

  • Buildings and works permit exemptions for structural changes to a dwelling in residential and mixed use zones.
  • Revisions to the Heritage Overlay to exempt minor works from requiring a planning permit, including (but not limited to) fences, swimming pools, decks and services normal to a dwelling.
  • Removing the permit requirements relating to the loading and unloading of vehicles by deleting clause 52.07, 92.05 and 93.11.
  • Renaming clause 52.11 from ‘Home Occupation’ to ‘Home Based Business’ and increasing the floor area and increasing the number of e people (who do not live in the dwelling) allowed to work in the home based business.
  • Revisions to a range of land use terms to reflect modern business identification terminology.

Whilst relatively minor, we believe the changes implemented by VC142 are positive and will reduce red-tape.

To view the full set of changes introduced by Amendment VC142 and the supporting information, please click here.