_city square gone; train is coming

If you’ve been in the city recently you will have noticed that the City Square exists no longer.  In its place is a huge pit where major works are taking place for the new Metro Tunnel and the Town Hall Station which will have direct connections to Flinders Street Station.

You can view the construction through windows in the hoarding around the site.  The hoarding is also displaying the artwork from the current exhibition of MOMA at National Gallery of Victoria.

City Square will be occupied for up to five years in order to build this station.  When the project is completed, City Square will be returned to the City of Melbourne as an open public space with an entrance to the new station.

There is an interactive viewing experience at the Metro Tunnel HQ which is located at 125-133 Swanston Street, for a broader view of the Melbourne Metro plans.

hoarding 3





construction 3