_driverless buses and tiny homes: a trip down ‘future street’

Last weekend Collie staff members attended a City of Melbourne event in Blackwood Street, North Melbourne that focused on sustainable initiatives including on how streets of Melbourne may look in the future.

A notable focal point was the driverless bus, which has been designed in partnership with the University of Melbourne.  With congestion being topical, the driverless bus presents as a possible way of easing congestion particularly, in parts of suburbs that are not as well serviced by public transport.

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The RACV tiny home was another feature of the event and showcases a way of living in a comfortable environment albeit in a very ‘tiny’ footprint.  The inside of the RACV tiny home is not too dissimilar to a caravan with the shower literally in between the bathroom sink and toilet being an example of the limited use of floor space.

While it may be too small a footprint for many, the tiny home helps pose the question: can we be smarter and more efficient in the way we use space?

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