_hurdles to jump

Kyle Vander Kuyp is an Olympian and an ambassador for indigenous employment and was the guest speaker at a Property Industry Foundation event attended recently by Collie.

Kyle talked about how his passion for hurdling and his early success in his formative years helped to shape him as a person.  His dedication to the sport, summed up as not eating chocolate and loading up on chicken salads, is inspiring with competing in the 1996 Olympic Games final and in a separate event beating his idol Roger Kingdom, being his career highlights.

As an indigenous engagement manager for Schiavello Construction, Kyle has the role of boosting indigenous employment at Schiavello and acting as a support networker and sounding board for indigenous employees.  Not having permanent accommodation within proximity to employment opportunities, was identified by Kyle as the key barrier to preventing indigenous employment.

In this regard, the role of the Property Industry Foundation in building homes for homeless youth, is vital in helping to break down this barrier and allowing indigenous youth the opportunity to transition into employment.

For further information about the Property Industry Foundation, please see the following link https://www.pif.com.au/

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