_better apartments inside and out

The Victorian State Government recently released the ‘Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods Discussion Paper 2019‘ which seeks to improve the amenity impacts that new apartment developments may have on the surrounding area.

The Discussion Paper builds on the ‘internal’ apartment design guidelines introduced by the State Government in 2017 through the ‘Better Apartment Design Standards‘.

The Discussion Paper which is currently open to public submission, focuses on the following five key policy areas for new apartment developments.

  • Green space – consistent, high quality landscaping outcomes for all apartment developments.
  • High quality building facades – apartment developments are attractive and built from durable materials, so they stand the test of time.
  • Protection from wind impacts – apartment developments do not exacerbate windy conditions to public and private open spaces.
  • Attractive, engaging streets – apartment developments are attractive at street level and contribute to the life of the neighbourhood.
  • Better managed construction impacts – the impacts of apartment buildings construction are consistently managed with less disturbance on existing neighbourhoods.

Collie welcomes principles for consideration in the Discussion Paper but hopes the application will include some design variation options via discreation.

Submissions close on Friday 27 September, information is available at:


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