Collie attended recently a Facility Management Association seminar on the future of aged care.  The seminar was particularly topical in light of the interim findings of the Royal Commission.

New Aged Care Quality Standards took effect on 1 July 2019 and were seen by the presenters as long overdue.  We were advised that further changes are to be made to the standards in due course and therefore, reforms to the aged care system are a work in progress.  Notwithstanding this, the changes that have already occurred have generated optimism amongst those who attended the seminar.

Technology was talked about as playing a major role, in particular for new aged care facilities, in improving the quality of living for residents.  For example, providing residents with the ability to electronically lock doors, but allowing staff swipe access, is seen as a beneficial way to prevent sleep disturbance, maintain privacy and reduce issues of theft.  Technology can be used also to monitor the activity of residents’ over a period of time in order to make sure that they are active enough during periods of the day.

Importantly, it was mentioned that the performance of an aged care facility will now be measured partially on feedback from the residents.  This change alone will give residents more voice.

The introduction of the new standards was welcomed and we anticipate they will have a positive impact on aged care living.

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