_Geelong goes green…for a while

Readers of the Collie newsfeed will note our recent article (Elizabeth Street Revamp) in which the City of Melbourne has approved a plan to transform a section of Elizabeth Street to remove a trafficable lane in order to increase pedestrian space and amenity.  This development appears to be in contrast to what is proposed in Geelong, where the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) is considering removing a section of an award-winning landscape project known as the ‘Green Spine’, located in the central area of Geelong.

As part of the proposal changes being considered by CoGG, the most significant include removing sections of the Green Spine to reintroduce turning lanes in order to provide greater priority to motor vehicles as well as replacing the north side bike lane with a bi-directional bike lane on the south side.  Central landscaped sections of the ‘Green Spine’ will remain unchanged.

CoGG has justified the proposal by stating it will provide a middle ground compromise that it hopes will appease the contrasting opinions of users of the ‘Green Spine’.  Those supportive of the changes believe the ‘Green Spine’ has resulted in severe traffic congestion through a key central street.  Those opposed to the changes believe the ‘Green Spine’ has brought a much needed improvement to the central city and has provided opportunities for outdoor dining and seating as well as improved cycling safety.

We are unaware whether the proposed changes reflect errors in detail / implementation of the ‘Green Spine’ or the strength of the car lobby?

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