_Get on your Bike

Due to COVID-19, the City of Melbourne has been investigating ways to maintain social distancing restrictions for pedestrians, joggers and Cyclists within the Municipality.  This comes as the number of Cyclists across the City have increased significantly since the onset of COVID-19.

To address this, the City of Melbourne has proposed the removal of some car parks to enable the widening of footpaths and the addition of twelve kilometres of new temporary bike lanes. Whilst the location of the bike lanes is still to be finalised, the City of Melbourne has acknowledged that if successful, certain temporary bike lanes may become permanent.

This move follow cities such as Belin, Paris, Milan and Brussels that have all rolled out similar measures for bike use in the wake of  COVID-19.

Collie welcomes the move made by the City of Melbourne in addressing the immediate concern of social distancing whilst also looking to the future to introduce opportunities to encourage more active and sustainable transport across the City.

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