_New Development in Gisborne

Readers of the Collie newsfeed may recall the assistance we provided to ID_FLK Gisborne Land Pty Ltd on the approval of the Gisborne Area 4B Development Plan (G4BDP).

Collie appreciates the opportunity to provide continuing assistance on the project with town planning approval being obtained recently for the subdivision of land in the G4BDP area.

The subdivision (layout below) comprises over 600 lots with a mix of conventional and medium densities.  The subdivision will also deliver a range of facilities to service the local population including active open space, land for a proposed State primary school, extensive open space for drainage / watercourse reserves and local parks.

The key drainage / watercourse feature traverses the site from north to south and has been designed as a multi-purpose recreation area.  A shared path along the reserve will connect to the broader public open space network and surrounding development.

As part of the town planning services, Collie liaised closely with the project team and offices from various departments at Macedon Ranges Shire Council, in particular in coordinating responses to the various referral authorities and providing suggestions on draft planning permit conditions.

We understand that sales have already commenced and Collie looks forward to the development the G4BDP area.

Lot Mix Plan rsz_image_2