_VC175 Industry Buffer Changes

The Victorian State Government gazetted recently changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions, introduced via Amendment VC175.

Amendment VC175 addresses changes relating to industry buffers in terms of amenity, human health and safety impacts.  It amends the Planning Policy Framework (PPF) and Clause 53.10 (Uses with Adverse Amenity Potential).

The changes to the PPF aim to implement the Environment Protect Authority (EPA) Recommended separation distances for industrial residual air emission 2013.

The changes to clause 53.10 are intended to modernise the clause through revised uses and threshold distances.  Clause 53.10 changes included also making the EPA a referral authority for a land use applications where a threshold distance for a use specified in Clause 53.10 is either not met or is not specified.

Whilst relatively minor, Collie encourages clients and readers to make themselves aware of the VC175 implications, especially for any new proposals for industry, utility installations or warehouses.

The full summary of changes introduced by Amendment VC175 and its supporting documents are available at: