_get on your bike – update

Collie advised recently on Melbourne City Council-announced new proposals for additional bike paths to increase safety and convenience for cyclists and other road users in response to expected cycling growth during (and perhaps after) the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then additional news has been released by the Council on a timeline for the expected new works.

The project will be in two stages with Stage 1 being in the second half of 2020.  Stage 1 routes include:

  • Exhibition Street stage one (Flinders to Bourke Street)
  • Rathdowne Street (Victoria Street to Faraday Street)
  • William Street (Dudley Street to Flinders Street)
  • Abbotsford Street (Flemington Road to Queensberry Street)
  • Swanston Street (around the University of Melbourne from Gratton Street to Cemetery Road)

These will be welcome additions for cycling commuters in Melbourne as it is feared Melbourne’s road congestion could become worse than pre-pandemic conditions as people return to work and are unwilling to use public transport due to social distancing.

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