_New Wetlands for Geelong’s Armstrong Creek Growth Area

The City of Greater Geelong has released recently a draft masterplan (see image below) for the Sparrovale Wetlands.

The Sparrovale Wetlands is located in the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area (ACUGA), which is a major growth area to the south of Geelong.

The project is of interest to Collie as we are providing town planning services for clients on a number of residential masterplanned communities, including those that adjoin directly the Wetlands, within the ACUGA.

Once developed by the City of Greater Geelong, the Sparrovale Wetlands will comprise a 500 hectares nature reserve that includes the existing wetlands as well as constructed wetlands for the purpose of accommodating stormwater flows for the residential development of the ACUGA.

Notwithstanding that the Wetlands are located in the Barwon River floodplain and will serve primarily a drainage function, due to its scale the Wetlands will provide also significant opportunities, through a proposed integrated shared path network, for passive recreation for residents of the ACUGA.

We look forward to the development (to occur in phases over a twenty-year period) of the Wetlands and the valued contribution it will make to drainage and recreation needs for the region.

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