_Updates to the Small Lot Housing Code

The Victorian State Government recently gazetted changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions, through Amendment VC150, which replaces the existing Small Lot Housing Code (SLHC) with a new version of the code (SLHC November 2019).

In revising the SLHC, Amendment VC150 sought to provide greater clarity on certain standards and definitions of the SLHC.  As part of the revisions to the SLHC, the associated practice note has also been updated.

Collie encourages developers, particularly those active in Precinct Structure Plan areas, to be aware of the revised SLHC and provides the following summary of the key changes.

  • A new requirement for garage doors and openings, including for a carport, facing a side street to be setback at least 2 metres (standard 2.3).
  • A change to the mandatory maximum building height by deferring initially to the applied zone. For example, the Residential Growth Zone specifies a maximum building height of 13.5 metres whereas, the General Residential Zone specifies 11 metres or three storeys (standard 3.1).
  • A new requirement that prohibits eaves, fascias, gutters, landings, unroofed stairways and ramps, pergolas, shade sails and decks from encroaching into the side and rear setbacks, from a laneway (standards 7.3 and 7.4).
  • The controls for overlooking from habitable room windows and raised open space have been revised to apply only where there is an outlook to an existing habitable room window or area of secluded private open space (standards 12.1 and 12.2).
  • For a dwelling with three or more bedrooms, if the area of secluded private open space is to be split into two or more parcels, a new requirement specifies at least one parcel having a minimum dimension of 3 metres (standard 14.1).

In summary, the changes to the SLHC are fairly minor clarifications, but nevertheless might provide some additional flexibility.

To view the revised SLHC and practice note, please use the link below.