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Carlton football fans as well as residents of the inner north, will be interested to note that the Victorian Government has gazetted changes to the Melbourne Planning Scheme, to introduce Amendment C377melb. The changes will facilitate the partial redevelopment of the Carlton Recreation Ground / Ikon Park located in Princes Park, Carlton North. Key to the redevelopment will be improving the AFLW facilities to ensure the men’s and women’s facilities are of equal size, further improving the stadiums abilities to host AFLW games into the future. Changes will also be made to improving administration areas, lighting around the ground and broadcasting facilities of the stadium. Whilst no detailed plans have been made available to the public as part of the amendment process, it is understood that the majority of works will take place in the existing administration section at the western end of the stadium as well as within the Pratt Stand at the southwest side of the stadium. It is unclear whether any changes are proposed to seating capacity as part of these works.

Ikon Park administration section

The Pratt Stand