_Port Melbourne Dwelling Approval

Collie recently assisted the client in obtaining town planning approval for the development of a dwelling in Station Street, Port Melbourne.

Although only a small project, a number of key points made the process more complex than would normally be the case.   

  • Advising on the heritage controls over the site specifically, in terms of whether demolition of the existing dwelling was possible and the design / quality of new built form likely to be approved by the responsible authority to balance out the demolition restrictions.
  • Addressing the considerable size constraints of the site (see aerial below) in regard to compliance with the built form controls of clause 54 of the Scheme.
  • Advising on a proposed built form that complies with the height and siting requirements of the Neighbourhood Residential Zone affecting the site and one that also maximises the development potential of the site.  This advice included carefully thought out and innovative design features such as internal open voids and rooftop terraces.

Collie looks forward to the completion of this interesting dwelling.

Arial Image