_Benefits of Approved Building Envelopes in Growth Area Estates

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, strong interest continues to be shown in the Melbourne housing market, especially in the various growth corridors across the City.

Collie continues to assist a number of clients through a range of planning services in the development of their master planned estates. 

One such service provided is the preparation of Approved Building Envelope (ABE) for these residential subdivision developments.  The ABE is the mechanism to vary the design parameters under Clause 54 of the Scheme and the Building Regulations 2018 that apply to the siting of a single dwelling on a lot.  It must be implemented through related planning permit conditions followed by a restriction on plans of subdivision, which provide for the enforcement of the ABE. 

Typical design parameters under Clause 54 and the Building Regulations that Collie varies through our ABE plans include (but are not limited to):

  • Front, side and rear setbacks.
  • Height and length of walls on boundaries.
  • Size of secluded private open space.
  • Overshadowing of secluded private open space.
  • Site and permeable surface coverage.

In addition to the above, many developers use the ABE as the mechanism to introduce broader design guidelines for their estates.  In doing so, the ABE will state that the design of a dwelling must be in accordance with the particular design guidelines and often, that the dwelling design must be approved by the developer before lodging an application for a building permit.

This allows the developer greater control over design aspects not covered by Clause 54 of the Scheme and the Building Regulations 2018, such as building colours and materials, landscaping outcomes and fence requirements.

In doing so, it also provides opportunities for the developer to promote a preferred neighbourhood character for the new master planned community.