_Lifestyle Villages Due Diligence

Collie has assisted recently our client in reviewing development sites for the purpose of a lifestyle village and providing detailed town planning advice on the potential of these sites for development.

Due to the substantial clubhouse facilities that are often required for as part of the village as well as the number of independent living units needed to support such facilities, the area of land required for a lifestyle village typically varies between 8 to 12 hectares.

When reviewing sites of this size there are invariably development opportunities and constraints that need to be considered such as (but not limited to):

  • the zone and any overlays that affect the site;
  • if the site benefits from good road access and is well serviced;
  • the slope of the land with steep sites typically to be avoided;
  • whether any native vegetation is located on the land;
  • any heritage or bushfire management matters;
  • any easements or other constraints that may limit development;
  • the location of the village in relation to facilities and services as well as any other planning policies that are may be relevant to the site context.
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