_Little streets a Little Confusing

As Melbourne CBD workers gradually commence their return to the office, many (including those at Collie) have been interested to note the changes to the CBD that have occurred over the past 12 months.

One such change is the transformation of various ‘little streets’ across the CBD (Flinders Lane, Little Collins Street, Little Bourke Street and Little Lonsdale Street) in which speed limits have been reduced from 40km per hour to 20km per hour, with each street now being designated a ‘share zone’, meaning pedestrians have right of way over vehicles and bikes. 

Whilst we welcome the changes to the ‘little streets’ as it is expected to create a more pedestrian friendly environment across the CBD (this is especially evident with the stencil artwork installed on certain sections), we are concerned that the changes have not been well published and, at least initially, have resulted in some unawareness of the new rules or confusion for drivers / riders and pedestrians using these streets.

Examples include locations where previous pedestrian crossings have been ‘blacked-out’ and yet are still being used as the sole pedestrian crossing point for the street as well as potential confusion as to whether the give way to pedestrian point applies to the entire street or just to the section of the street where the stencil artwork has been applied.  Of course the response may be “read the road rules” but such a significant change needs a better education campaign – especially in terms of rights, to avoid argument / ‘road rage’ and even accidents. 

Collie understands the changes made to the ‘little streets’ are part of a trial to determine whether the changes will be made permanent. 

pedestrian crossing
give way sign
stencilled share zone