_Adventure Park Upgrades

Collie has continued to assist Adventure Park with its town planning requirements by recently obtaining a planning permit for a maintenance facility upgrade.

As Adventure Park continues to grow and increase the range of attractions it provides to the public, additional facilities have been required to accommodate this growth.  One such new attraction which was introduced over the previous summer, was the Adventure Park Christmas lights special.  Due to the popularity of this lights special, it is anticipated that this will become a regular feature and as result, new facilities were required to house the associated machinery.

The Collie role in regard to this particular application was to advise on the quickest path for town planning approval.  Due to the cost of works falling below a particular threshold, Collie advised the client that a planning permit application could be made under the VicSmart planning provisions.  The benefits of this pathway include:

  • a ten-day permit process;
  • the application not requiring advertising;
  • the information to be submitted with an application being pre-set;
  • reduced application fee compared to standard planning permit applications.