_Amendment VC185

The Victorian State Government recently gazetted changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions, which introduced Amendment VC185.

Amendment VC185 implements the following planning scheme changes.

Macedon Ranges Statement of Planning Policy

Includes the Macedon Ranges Statement of Planning Policy (MRSPP) which declares the Macedon Ranges a ‘distinctive area and landscape’.  In doing so, the MRSPP provides greater protection to certain landscape, environmental and cultural values of Macedon Ranges whilst also guiding future use and development within the identified settlement boundaries of the Municipality, such as Woodend, Kyneton and Riddles Creek (amongst others).

Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority  

Lists the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority (the Authority) committee of management as a public land manager.  This change seeks to recognise the state significance of the Great Ocean Road and its landscapes by establishing a new dedicated coast and parks management authority (the Authority) to manage the Crown land and marine waters along the Great Ocean Road.

Energy Generation Facilities

Introduces a transition provision to retain the local council as the responsible authority for applications made before approval of Amendment VC192, an amendment which made the Minister for Planning the responsibility authority for all large energy generation facilities and utility installations, including renewable energy facilities and large-scale battery facilities.

In relation to the MRSPP change, Collie welcomes it as it clarifies the balance between protecting identified landscape areas and directing future development and growth to identified settlement areas boundaries.

To view the full set of changes introduced by Amendment VC185 and the supporting information, please use the link below.