_Statutory Planning Fees Increased

After a one year pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, planning fees as set under the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016 increased on 1 July. 

The value of a fee unit for the 2021 – 2022 financial year will increase from $14.81 to $15.03. 

Developers should be aware of the new fee units, with a breakdown on particular planning permit application fees provided in the link below.



New Precinct Structure Plan Guidelines

As highlighted previously by Collie (https://collietp.com.au/2020/10/vpa-to-update-precinct-structure-planning-guidelines/), the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has prepared new draft guidelines for precinct structure planning in Victoria. 

Following release of the draft guidelines, the VPA has prepared a PSP Guidelines Stakeholder Consultation Report, which provides an update on the consultation process, the key issues raised during the consultation process and where the VPA is headed in response to key issues. 

Generally, the VPA is continuing to advocate for collaboration between Councils, agencies and the industry to ensure a balance of certainty and flexibility within PSP areas.  One key takeaway Collie noted was in relation to the density sought for areas around activity centres or public transport nodes.  Whilst there is an increased push for higher densities around these areas to increase the walkability of PSP areas, concerns were raised by some in relation to the design and engineering challenges required to meet such densities.  It will be interesting to see how the final Guidelines balance these concerns.

As part of the update, the VPA also issued a consultation report for peri-urban and regional areas, based on a “stakeholder” workshop.  The key themes discussed at the workshop as summarised in the report were determining appropriate targets for density, public open space, public transport and access to services, which are both appropriate and can be delivered in a peri-urban or regional context.

For interest, if you look at the report, look at the “stakeholder” list consulted – biased? in the extreme?


Collie looks forward to the release of the final guidelines and for more information on the PSP review, please see the VPA website.