_Urban Design Assistance in Master Planned Communities

Collie continues to assist a number of clients in providing urban design services in the development of their master planned estates throughout various growth corridors across the City.

The focus of the urban design services is assisting the client in the siting and design of single dwellings on their lots.

In particular, we assist in varying the design parameters under Clause 54 and the Building Regulations in relation to the following dwelling siting controls.

  • Front, side and rear setbacks.
  • Height and length of walls on boundaries.
  • Size of secluded private open space.
  • Overshadowing of secluded private open space.
  • Site and permeable surface coverage.

This urban design service provides our clients with more flexible siting and design options consistent with the preferred neighbourhood character for the new master planned community.

 Collie is actively assisting clients in the following growth area Municipalities.

  • Wyndham.
  • Melton.
  • Hume.
  • Whittlesea.
  • Cardinia.
  • Casey.