_Alcoa and Armstrong Creek

As the Armstrong Creek urban growth corridor to the south of Geelong continues to develop, Collie is assisting a number of clients with numerous town planning applications in this area.

One recent application was dealing with a legacy of the former Anglesea Power Station, which provided electricity to the Alcoa smelter at Point Henry. 

As pictured further below, the Anglesea Power Station was demolished recently as a result of the closure of the Alcoa smelter.  Despite this closure, an easement in favor for the former high voltage transmission line connecting the two is still in place and spans many of the properties between Point Henry and Anglesea, including several properties in the Armstrong Creek growth area.

Collie recently assisted a client in applying for a planning permit to remove this easement from its property in order to allow for the development of a new masterplanned community without having to plan around the now obsolete easement.

Armstrong Creek
Anglesea Power Station
Image source; The Age