_Benambra Airport Upgrade

Collie worked with FMSA Architects and DELWP in reviewing town planning requirements affecting the expansion of the Benambra Airport facilities and a proposed new access on to a road in a road zone, category 1.  The proposed expansion was associated with increased demands for DELWP aerial firefighting and fire surveillance services, which already operated from the Airport during the summer fire season.

The first phase advice related to the expansion itself, which included:

  • main runway widening to cater for larger firefighting fixed wing aircraft;
  • new firefighting aircraft taxiways and standing areas (helicopter and fixed wing);  
  • new multi-function administration and communications building;
  • new building for retardant mixing and storage, new loading facilities and fuel storage;
  • vehicle access and parking and other related facilities.

Based on an assessment of the planning provisions, Collie provided evidence to the responsible authority that planning approval exemptions applied for this proposed expansion.

The second phase related to a planning permit application to create a dedicated new access point onto the abutting Benambra Road, a road zone category 1 under the relevant planning scheme.  The second access would be exclusively for access to the fire fighting facilities at the Airport, which are on the opposite side of the runway from normal Airport activities and facilities.  Collie sought traffic advice to add to the planning permit application package.

Benambra Airport