_Springvale Apartment Approved

Collie worked with the client and architect Simon Greenwood Architects on a planning permit application for a six-storey mixed use building in the Springvale Activity Centre. Despite an interesting and well-designed building, the application was refused due largely to its being two storeys higher than the preferred height under the planning scheme for the area.

Reflecting the client and project team confidence that it was an appropriate development for the site and location, the refusal was followed by an application for review at VCAT.

Collie, as the planning consultant for the applications (planning permit and VCAT review) was not in a position to be the independent planner for the case. The client however, wanted Collie to continue to manage the process through VCAT and thus Collie briefed a barrister and expert witnesses (planning, urban design and traffic) and managed the applicant side of the VCAT case.

Thanks to the excellent work of the whole team, the case was completed successfully with VCAT determining that the proposed six-storey development could proceed.