On the back of recommendations from the Melbourne Airport Standing Advisory Committee, Planning Scheme Amendment VC218 has been approved to strengthen, via clause 18.02 of the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP), the protection of the operation of the Melbourne Airport. 

It is noted that Amendment VC218 also includes new measures to ensure that development within proximity to airports and airfields does not adversely impact their operation.

In terms of Melbourne Airport, a significant change to the VPP is to avoid the future rezoning of land outside the urban growth boundary (UGB) in areas that are affected by the ‘N-above contours’.  The ‘N-above contours’ is a noise modelling system that has been introduced into the VPP and identifies broad areas that are susceptible to a lower level of aircraft noise exposure than is the case in areas affected by the more traditional Melbourne Airport Environs Overlays. 

While the above change will not affect development of land within the existing UGB, it may be decisive in determining where future rezonings outside the UGB will occur.

Add one more item to your due diligence checklist!