The Victorian Planning Authority is proposing changes to Type A and Type B of the Small Lot Housing Code (SLHC) as well as the creation of a new SLHC Type C and Type C2.  The SLHC applies in growth areas and other designated infill housing sites.

SLHC Type C and Type C2 will apply to lots between 60 and 150 square metres inclusive and will apply only to rows of lots where dwellings are simultaneously designed and approved. 

The proposed SLHC documents are available for public comment and can be accessed via this link (https://vpa.vic.gov.au/project/slhc2/) the below link with submissions due by 5pm Monday 25 July 2022.

In summary, the changes to the SLHC are welcomed and are largely acceptable from a planning perspective although, further clarity in some instances is required and the planning merit of requiring Type C and Type C2 dwellings to have a separate entry door to laneways is worth questioning. 


As of 1 July 2022, a number of typically minor applications at the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) will be expedited with those of interest summarised below.

  • Refusal or failure to extend time for a permit.
  • Declarations – relates to interpretation of the planning scheme, permit conditions, section 173 agreements and existing use rights.
  • Review of refusal to extend time by which information must be given in a planning permit application.
  • Review of a decision by a specified body that something must be done to their satisfaction – relates to matters contained in the planning scheme, permit conditions and section 173 agreements and includes for example, the review of Development Plans.
  • Application to amend or end a section 173 Agreement.

Under the new ‘fast track’ list the above applications will be allocated a VCAT hearing within approximately 9 weeks acknowledging that there is no opportunity to amend the application.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any queries in relation to the above.