Collie assisted the client on the town planning permit application at ‘Aurora’ in Wollert for the subdivision of land known as ‘Aurora M6’ (M6).  M6 will be the newest addition to this extensive and successful Aurora development.

The subdivision comprises over 80 lots, with the majority of these lots being medium density.  M6 will also contain an area of open space along the western boundary of the site for the purpose of retaining land for a future train station access and facilities.  M6 is located in proximity to the Aurora Village activity centre which includes supermarkets, a community centre, Harvest Home Primary School, various retail stores and other amenities.  A future expansion of the activity centre is also proposed immediately to the west of the subdivision. 

As part of the town planning services, Collie liaised closely with the project team and the City of Whittlesea (Council), which involved co-ordinating with all parties to provide a response to a Council request for further information.

Aurora m6 subdivision plan