Collie worked with the architects to prepare the planning permit application package for the renovation of the Ringwood Metropolitan Fire Station. Based on the architectural plans and the site and surrounds inspection, Collie prepared the landscape works concept plan, which comprised the following key elements.

  • landscape preparation works internal to the Fire Station site, at the main entrance and on the abutting naturestrips [around the Bus Stop and to the south of the Fire Station], including as specified, clearing away all weeds and rubbish from all landscape areas, removing a number of trees considered to be weeds, damaging, in poor condition or inappropriately located, removing a number of shrubs considered to be weeds, in poor condition or inappropriately located and installing timber retaining walls to the landscape areas to contain and define the spaces;
  • replenishing / topping up the top soil in the landscape areas;
  • tree, grass and shrub planting tasks with a focus on complimentary, dry tolerant / low maintenance plant selections;
  • timber mulch surfacing to all planted areas except a small section of rock/stone mulch surfacing.